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Saba Island Caribbean Netherlands travel Guide

Useful information about this beautiful place in the middle of the Caribbean.
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  • Windwardside


    Windwardside is the second largest settlement on the island of Saba in the Netherlands Antilles, aptly named for being on the windward side of the island Windwardside,...

  • The Bottom

  • It is just a paradise in the middle of nowhere, and you will find all you need to enjoy a great and wonderful time.
    The caribbean has it's mistery island... or sort of it.

    A small resort destination in the netherland antilles.

    opens you to experience one of the smallest and less known destination.

    Due to it's geogeaphical location and mountains.
    Making it hard to get by plane because of having one of the shortest airport runaways in the world.

    The island of saba, it is popular scuba diving location along with the natursl scenery.

    There are some populated locations with great views from the mountain, the island and the dutch caribbean.

    The bottom, windardside, hells gate are some of the popular places.

    Where to stay

    Many options like cottages, small hotels, and beautiful vacation rentas like houses and villas.
    Are some of the options to experience the island.

    What to do

    Mostly everything is at a walking distances.
    Restaurants, cafes and bars are scattered along the paths to enjoy some of the traditional caribbean style dishes.