Saba Island Restaurans are a few because the place is small.
But from those small choices, you can get more than enought
To enjoy the local and traditional cuisine, as well as some all time favorites
Around the world, and also local drinks and international brands.
So the choices from casual to fine dinning are available
Always served with the best and fresh ingredients.

Saba Island Restaurants and Bars

Here you will find a small variety selection of restaurants and bars.
There are some tipical restaurants to some very esceptional
Eating right in the middle of nature where the menu changes from day to day
Depending of wich local products they can harvest
Prepared with a great culinary skill and served to enjoyed
At the light of candles and the background music of nature.

Most of Restaurants and bars are located in Windwardside and The Bottom.
The most populated and comercial areas in the Island.
Restaurants and bars are often visited by locals, due it’s small size of the island
And the short supply on places to go out and eat and drink.
Many people you will find are local students from the
Saba Island Medical School.

At anytime you want to complement your vacations with some local flavor.
That is the way to do it, ask dor locals for thei

You should try any place in town, taste te local Rum
And theur own mix or personal favorites.