SAB Juancho E Yrausquin

Welcome to Saba Island Airport Netherlands Antilles which
Many experienced pilots rate it as the number one
Most dangerous airport in the world, due it’s location
The lenght of the landing strip and the crosswinds they could face.
Pilots in order to be able to land in that strip should have
A special trainning just to land in there.|
No major tragedies have occurred there but the over exitement
Of some passengers but that is part of the ride.

Saba Island Airport Netherlands Antilles

The Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, it’s airport strip is about
400 meters long (1300 feet),
And is set in the island flattest portion of land.
Now you can picture a little how is the rest of the Unspoiled Queen.
It’s location in a 60 feet over water and flanked by rocky cliffs.
It has some big X white marks on the strip meaning
It is not suit for commercial flights

Saba Island Airport Landing

Saba tends to be windy at times, and cross winds could cause
Some turbulence on the plane taking some extra skills from pilots
And some extra exitement for the thrill seekers.

Fly the Dutch Caribbean

There are few companies offering flights to the Island.
Winair that offer flights any time of the year and
Windward Express Airways that offer charter flights from and to our neighboring islands as well.

Fun Airport Landing

It is a very safe flight, so safe that it makes about 5 flights a day.
And it is a short flight of abouth 12 minutes from
Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten.
In case you don’t want that kind of emotions,
there is a ferry boat service, which is very nice and fun also.
Sometimes airlines companies change their schedule due of season
Demand and spected weather conditions, have that in mind
Before planning your trip to the Island.

Saba Island Airport code SAB

The airport is the shortest international runway in the world.
It has a bar, no air traffic control station, and the airport manager is known by pilots for paying close attention to every incoming flight, and if it rated as too sloppy he will most assuredly complain.