The Pilot House

situated in the Village of Windwardside on the site of the old Garfunkle Cottage. A short stroll down Park Lane (one of the few named streets in town) brings the traveler to the village of Windwardside, the social heart of Saba

Almost everything Saba has to offer is in Windwardside, terrific restaurants, dive shops, grocery stores (with free delivery!) and the trail head for many of the exhilarating Saba hikes , including the climb to Mt. Scenery, the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. (Take our advice, while the Mt Scenery climb is something to be proud of and maybe even a must do, don’t forget the Sandy Cruz trail or any of the hikes available to the traveler from this point.) The good news is your proximity to Windwardside from the Pilot House eliminates the need for a rental car. When you do need professional transportation, all cabbies are friendly, honest, very skilled, and long time residents on Saba. We recommend the Island tour, a half day excursion that can end at the Queen’s Garden Resort for an unforgettable lunch.