Find What to do in Saba Dutch Caribbean

There are great activities in the secluded place in the netherland antilles sea just above the water with a small volcano in it with and exceptional wildlife and lot sceneries sounds like lot to see and do in the Dutch Caribbean.


Doesn’t’ matter if you are coming in a day trip from Saint Martin or you are going to stay for a few days enjoying of this paradisiac

“Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean,”or if you are lucky enough to permanently live there.

There are a lot of things to do and enjoy thru the Island and Below it, the Island of Saba is a very well known scuba diving top destination.

In the world due the multitude of pristine diving locations all around the Island.

Wich everyone offers a different and unique experience.

There are great underwater pinnacles and cliffs.

Local dive shops know the importance of this main attraction they are happy and open to teach inexperienced people how to dive.

So they won’t miss the opportunity of experience the Dutch Caribbean.


Things to do in Saba Island Netherland Antilles

If you are arriving by air, we could say that that the adventure

To enjoy the island have already begun, due go the experience

The landing in the shortest airport strip in the world

And the difficulty combined with local weather conditions, cross winds and

Mountain walls and terrain.

Although is a very safe journey, it is always a great experience for the thrill seeker.

Above the water there are great things to do from hiking thru the Island and principal locations with incredible and beautiful views going by yourself and in guided tours that are much recommended.

You may know about the Historic and Cultural Background of the place.


Day Trips

If you are coming for a daytrip, there are great things to do in Saba Island, weather is by winair that will save you time.

Or by ferry boat that it will take a little bit more time (90 min) from st Martin, make sure you make the most of your time with a daytri, if you are staying in a hotel, there are many affordable and nice lodges close to the main attractions of the island, combining it with a car rental.

To make the most of your time for you and your family and loved ones.


Climb Island of Saba Mt. Scenery

The whole island is beautifuL and one of the main attractions is Mt Scenery a potentially active volcano located in the center of Saba.

It is a half a day hike to a 3000 gt mountain from Windwardside.

From there you can enjoy of great views of St. Martin, St. Barts

St. Kitts, and St. Eustatius at the horizont.

It is a 3 hour trail hike with about 1000 stone steps to aid you.



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